Monday, April 26, 2010

Like father like son...

"That's little Wes right there" This is a phrase I have heard over and over and over again. Now mind you I'm not upset...but that is just how much my son and my husband favor each other. So from the day our son was born there was no mistaking that he belonged to his father! As he is getting older (can't believe my baby is 2 and a half now!!!) you can start to see me in him...but there is still no mistaking that he is his father's son. But I have recently found out it does not stop there!

First off I would like to say for those of you who know my husband this will not come as a surprise, but for those of you who aren't that privileged (hahaha) let me explain. I love my husband to death but he is shall I say this....a people person! And I...well I am total opposite. I can get along with just about everyone...I may not enjoy it the whole time...but you can ask one would ever notice! Let's just say there are people out there that think we are the best of friends and I really can't stand them (and now I have you sitting here wondering if we truly are friends ... but just get over that for a second until you finish reading my blog) haha

Wes and I know this about each other...we realize we are opposites when it comes to people...but I think we balance each other out. We sometimes laugh how I am constantly coming after Wes and apologizing to people trying to "explain" to them how what Wes was saying probably came out differently then he was meaning and so on and so forth. Whereas Wes is constantly telling me when it comes to people that I have left my backbone in different places! So you get the idea...I am a people pleaser (sometimes to a fault) and Wes...well not so much. :)

So where am I going with this...well...the last few weeks I have come to realize who Ian takes after when it comes to people! And I would love to sit here and tell you he is just like his mommy...but well...I sadly can't...because I would be lying! :( I was up visiting my sister last week and several times while we were there she would say "that is such a Wes look" and I would look at my son...and sure enough...he would either be giving the "you're stupid I'm annoyed look" or "really did you just say that" or "I really just want you to go away" look. And for those of you who know Wes know exactly what I'm talking about...and my son's looks are identical to Wesley's!

I also found out that Ian's tolerance for people is right there where his dad's is. I think I was in denial for a long time and just thought it was a stage he was going through. But son can't stand people for the most part. Unfortunately where as Wes has somewhat learned how to hide this (and I say that very hesitantly because most people can see Wes is annoyed except for the person that he is annoyed with) Ian is very open with his low tolerance for them. I usually try to cover with...he's just shy. Because I have to admit...when someone comes over to chat with my son...and my son gives them the cold can be a little embarrassing (I wish you had my problems) lol And I just stand there trying to think of a way to make this person feel better about themself after getting rejected by a 2 year old all the while thinking "God...why couldn't he have taken after me in just this one area...that's all I ask for God...he can be like his dad in every other way (well almost every other way lol) but why oh why could he not have just taken after me when it comes to people" (and's a long thought...but that whole entire thought is going through my head at that exact moment...I'm just that good haha)!

I know one day I will look back and laugh at all of this....but now all I can see is not only do I have to go behind my husband so people won't think he is the meanest, most awfulest person in the world (is awfulest even a word?)...but now I have to go behind my son! Yay me!

***Disclaimer*** I do want to make clear that I love both my husband and my son! I am in no way belittling them! Nor am I really mad at them for being like this! Just sharing with you my thought for the day. (so I guess this means you can't write mean things to me about what a horrible person I am for saying such things hehe)